Consumer Complaint

Reporting an Economic Crime

The Economic Crime Unit of the District Attorney’s Office works with local law enforcement agencies to prosecute complex economic crimes including employee embezzlement, multiple-jurisdiction thefts, mortgage fraud, building contractor fraud, and securities fraud.

Please contact your local law enforcement agency to report an economic crime. Law enforcement investigators must gather and verify a large amount of information before they can present a case for filing. You can significantly speed up this process if you complete the Economic Crime Complaint Form or the Economic Crime Compliant-Securities/Investment Fraud form below, collect the requested documents and files, and present everything to law enforcement at the time you make your report. If you wish to report a crime of mortgage fraud or building contractor fraud, please provide the additional information requested in the Document List forms below.

 Economic Crime Complaint Form

 Economic Crime Complaint - Securities/Investment Fraud Form

 Building Contractor Fraud Document List

 Mortgage Fraud Document List

Contact the law enforcement agency where the crime occurred. Click here for a complete listing of local law enforcement agencies for the 18th Judicial District.

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