Identity Theft


Not To Be Taken Lightly


  • Estimated losses to identity theft in 2010 were $54 billion.
  • Two-thirds of all financial crimes are committed by someone known to the victim.
  • 9.9 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2010!

Identity Theft is, and has been, the number one fraud crime in our country for over ten years. In spite of massive efforts to reduce the number of victims, identity theft continues to be a scourge that brings hardship and frustration to millions of Americans each year.

The best defense against identity theft is an alert and well educated public. The more you know about the schemes designed to steal your personal information and the usually simple steps you can take to defeat those schemes, the less likely you are to be one of its victims.

This section will provide many useful tools to help you avoid becoming a victim; and if you should become a victim, materials in this section will help you repair the damage that has been done. In addition to these resources, District Attorney Staff is ready to answer your questions or assist you with any identity theft related problems. Please call our Consumer Protection Line, 720-874-8547, if you need assistance.

 I.D. Theft Handbook

 I.D. Theft Workbook

 Death Notification Procedures

 Providing Social Security Number

 Medical Identity Theft

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