Safe on the Street


1. When in public, be aware of your surroundings. Focus your attention on those around you. Don’t assume that anyone is harmless. Just because someone walks with a limp, or uses a cane or appears to be handicapped, doesn’t mean he is. Maintain distance between you and anyone you do not know.

2. When walking, jogging or biking do not wear stereo head phones.
Walk confidently and at a steady pace. Make eye contact with those you meet.

3. Don’t respond to conversation from strangers on the street. Keep walking.

4. Keep your purse or wallet always close to you, and be prepared to let it go if grabbed.

5. When approaching your car or home, keep your keys in hand so that you can open doors quickly.

6. When approaching your car, check the cars on either side of yours.  If there is a male sitting alone in the seat nearest your car, you may want to return to the store or to work and ask someone to escort you back to your car.

7. Don’t use the remote control to open a car door until you are at the car.  Using the remote too early may cause the lights to flash or horn to sound, alerting a stalker to the location of your car and your destination.

8. Look in the passenger compartment before your enter your vehicle. 

9. Once you enter your vehicle immediately lock the doors and leave.

10. Always lock your car, even in your own driveway.

11. Park in well lighted, high-traffic areas; not in the remote part of the lot. 

12. If followed, go to the nearest public area. 

13. If someone in plain-clothes and driving an unmarked car tries to stop you: 

  • Drive slowly to a well lit and public area
  • Don’t roll down your window or open your door
  • Tell the officer you need to see his/her identification
  • Use your cell phone and call 911. Ask the operator to verify that a real police officer is executing a stop at your location.

14. Decide in advance what you will do if attacked (fight, flee, scream, etc.). 

15. Never attach an I.D. tag to your car keychain.