Business Fraud

Today's businesses face numerous threats from competitors, uncontrollable economic factors and from criminal activity. Criminal activity can take one of three forms:

  1. Crimes perpetrated against the business itself. 
  2. Crimes against the principles and employees of that business. 
  3. Crimes against the customers or clients of that business.

Crimes targeting businesses range from the stealing of a businesses' client or customer information, creating scams that utilize legitimate businesses' identity, embezzlement, theft of assets, and more. The Secret Service reported that in 50% of the identity theft cases they investigated over a six year period, the point of information compromise was a business. And the Identity Theft Resource Center predicts, "Insider theft (employee theft of personal information) in the coming year will increase due to the failure to follow simple security protocols in the workplace". When criminal activiy is directed against a businesss clients/customers, the business may be held liable for unintentionally facilitating those crimes.

 Crime Prevention in the Workplace Handbook

 Seven Tips for Small Businesses

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