Audited Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statements

The DA’s Office is required to have an annual audit.  The audit provides assurance to the tax payers of the four counties funding its operations that the financial statements are being reported free of material misstatement.  Based on the annual amount of grant funding the Office participates as required in the Single Audit process.  Audited financial statements for the prior three years are provided and further inquiries can be made through the accounting office.

2015 Single Audit Reports District Attorney 18th JD.pdf

18th JD 2015 Audited Financials.pdf

18th Judicial DA 2014 Financial Statements.pdf

 18th Judicial DA Audited 2013 FS.pdf

18th Judicial DA Audited 2012 FS.pdf

18th Judicial DA Audited 2011 FS.pdf

18th Judicial DA Audited 2010 FS.pdf