Juvenile Diversion

The Juvenile Diversion Counseling Program is an alternative to juvenile prosecution for select juvenile offenders between the ages of 10 and 17.

A Letter from the Director
Sarah Ericson, JD

As the director of the Juvenile Diversion Counseling Program, my hope is that our program will not only maintain its strong foundation of providing counseling and resources to juvenile offenders and families, but also that we will continue to find new ways to reach even more of our community’s adolescents and families. I believe this means focusing on prevention and education and on giving families the resources they need to help their children avoid involvement in the justice system, now and in the future.

Over the past ten years I have seen the program grow significantly through the addition of several components that enhance our overall effectiveness, including the wilderness, art therapy, community service and restorative justice components. Our team of 11 state-licensed therapists has expertise in adolescent development, family systems, EMDR, Gestalt therapy, animal-assisted therapy and many other treatment approaches and specialties. We regularly train counseling interns, and two support staff members complete our fun, energetic, innovative and dynamic team.

Different Programs for Different Cases

Research shows that effective prevention programs for adolescents address key risk factors and focus on building more effective family functioning, disengaging youth from deviant peer networks and enhancing school performance. With this in mind we take a unique approach and treat every person who walks through our door as an individual. We tell our clients, "Your diversion program will look different from the next person’s, because you have different needs.” Taking this approach gives teens and families the best care possible, effectively creates positive change and greatly reduces court costs by lowering recidivism rates. I truly believe the energy and passion this team brings to JDCP largely contributes to the success of our clients. Thank you for your continued support of JDCP.

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