Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

In an atmosphere of professionalism and excellence, we provide counseling and support to juvenile offenders and their families. We create opportunities for change with an emphasis on accountability and personal growth.


To create an effective, evidenced-based, comprehensive, multi-modal outpatient counseling program. To be recognized as a national model program through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.


Client-Focused - We focus on individualized treatment, embracing strengths and supporting the client's ability to advocate for self. Our approach includes multigenerational themes and cares for the whole person.

Genuine - We strive to connect with our clients in a honest and authentic manner, embodying respect and compassion.

Team Synergy - We collaborate in a such a way - emphasizing mutual support, sharing, flexibility and vibrancy - that the power of our team is greater than that of its individuals working independently.

Integrity - We operate with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Diversity - We embrace and honor our varied perspectives and talents, and we continually evolve as a team by capitalizing on our differences in experience, training, focus and strength.