Domestic Violence Fast Track

The county court "Domestic Violence Fast Track Program” (Fast Track) was developed to ensure that both the victim and the accused receive a speedy hearing in court. Under Colorado’s domestic violence mandatory arrest policy (18-6-803.7), if an officer finds probable cause to believe domestic violence has occurred he/she must arrest the offender and transport them to jail for booking. The defendant appears in court the day following the offense.

A Notice to Appear is given to the victim requesting their presence the same day the defendant appears.Being present at court allows victims to:

  • receive immediate support
  • request special conditions for bond
  • leave with a copy of their mandatory protection order (MPO)
  • meet with a deputy district attorney
  • discuss a possible disposition of their case
  • begin safety planning with a victim advocate

The Fast Track program strengthens victim safety by holding the offender responsible quickly and effectively.Under this program misdemeanor domestic violence cases receive the quick response they deserve.